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Ethics Paper - Conceptualizing a Business

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Essay Preview: Ethics Paper - Conceptualizing a Business

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Strategic Plan Part 1 Conceptualizing a Business

I have been in the retail adult and novelty business for over ten years. During my time as an associate and manager I have learned a lot about the business and its customers. Being aware and attentive to what the business and it customers requires has initially helped me to understand what I need to make my business successful and what it takes for the customers to continue to patronize the business. A business can be defined by its products, services, and customers through a mission statement. A mission statement is a statement from the company defining its products and services giving the consumer an idea of what the business is all about and what it has to offer to the consumer public.

My mission statement that I have chosen for my business is one that define my products, services, and customers. Kupids Kloset Mission Statement to the customers: "Our mission is to enhance sexual awareness while educating consumers on our products and services in order to help them understand their needs." The product that is sold is adult toys and novelties and the service that we offer our customers is excellent customer service, education on product, how to use our product, and private consulting sessions on individual needs. Being a small business owner of a retail adult toy store the vision for my store is very clear about what it is that the business would like to see from the customer. My vision statement: "Come out of your closet into ours where there is something for the Nice and Naughty". This vision statement is clear, to the point, and catching but it is also stating what our company want from the customer. We want the customer to stop hiding behind their walls and shopping online and come to us so that we can give them the product and service that they need. This vision statement gives both the company and the customer a clear vision for the future of our company business.

The values and principles of my business is not only important to me but to the consumer also. The values of my business consist of grade A customer service; meaning that every customer shall walk away happy with their purchase and service they received, product education; meaning no one will be able to purchase our product without the proper education on the use and care of the product, individual consulting session; meaning that we go above and beyond by giving the customer individual attention, hard work; meaning that our associates make sure that they are there for the customer while making sure that the product is in stock and on the shelves in the customers reach. In the adult toy industry we work with all races, cultures and communities we do not discriminate. No matter who you are we have a product for you that fit your lifestyle. Our social responsibility to the consumer is to tell the truth about the product, be honest to say what is unsafe for the consumer to use



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