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Bus300 Week 1 Business Intro

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To:                Professor Lynn Marsh

From:                Sean Okita

Date:                May 7, 2019

Subject:        Week 2 Chapter 1 Written Assignment

Scientific Management

The systematic study of relationships between people and tasks to increase efficiency.

Bureaucratic Theory
A formal system of organization and administration designed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

The work of Mary Follett

A radical for her time, she claimed, “Authority should go with knowledge … whether it is up the line or down.” That means if workers have the relevant knowledge, they should be in control of the work process itself, and managers should behave as facilitators.

The Hawthorne Studies

Researchers found that regardless of whether they raised or lowered the level of illumination, productivity increased, and vice versa as light dimmed. It proved physical setting affected work.

Theory X 

The assumption that workers will try to do as little as possible and avoid further responsibility unless rewarded or punished for doing otherwise.

Theory Y

The assumption that workers will do what is best for an organization if given the proper work setting, opportunity and encouragement.

My supervisor uses Principle 2, which says managers “codify the new methods of performing tasks into written rules and standard operating procedures.” I work at an ice cream so I think this the best way for employees to do tasks that are basic and systematic.



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