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Bus303 - Business Communication

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BUS303 - Business Communication

Module 1 - Case

Landy Hammond

I believe that my biggest pet peeve would have to be Common sense... do I really need to say any more? First off, what is common sense? Common sense can be multiple different definitions but the one most commonly used is skills and most if not all people have "in common" and thus they know in their mind what is right and what is wrong (1). One cannot believe how much common sense is thrown out the window and never really thought of. In basic training I have experienced a lot of idiotic people. Some people just don't know what common sense is or even tend to use their brain, if one would tell him to get the butter knife, he would ask where it is. A butter knife is most likely in the kitchen in a drawer somewhere. Why do more work than what one has? When one masters the art of common sense, they tend to think on their own, act on their own, and then they start to develop better and more unique ways to accomplish their mission. Common sense can be one remarkable skill if only people would act upon it.

Of course there are always some problems where common sense cannot be applied like some skill

specific jobs. Computers for example, if you would ask me "where are my pictures located?" my

common sense would say it's in your "My Documents" folder since that is your default folder where

everything is saved before changing it. But then if it's there, another common sense technique would

pick up and ask you if you created any folders lately that you manually saved your pictures for later

viewing and then we can go about on that. So someone that does not have computer skills cannot

understand those terms. Another example would be mechanics; sure they can be ignorant all the time

and possibly sexist (I know sexist is off topic but most mechanics are sexist), but if they ask someone to

get them the pliers, how would one use common sense to get them the pliers? Sure they could be located in a drawer also but what does pliers even look like? That person would have to have some kind

of mechanic skills to know what they are talking about.

If one does not have common sense, their life could be catastrophic and thus ruined forever.

Everyone knows that killing



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