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Business Case Solution - Project Management at Mm

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Essay Preview: Business Case Solution - Project Management at Mm

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Case Overview

This case addresses the not so typical IT / IS problems in bigger companies or industries. In the case of MM’s new project manager McCann, the business case describes a new project / product which will be launched in one year’s time. It outlines that Oscar McCann has the administration board and executives behind him and receives their help to make things happen, the so called “Green” project. Nevertheless, McCann has to face several problems which he could not prevent from happening. A change in industrial standards, or complication in HR, and so on. As a result, McCann realised that he has to re-prioritise the tasks and decisions.

Business strategies

As a matter of fact, this case describes how a strategy can fall or will not work out rather then how the strategy is build up, therefore, it will be continued with the next topic.

Challenges and Implications

From the given context, it is evident to see that there are several problems the company has neglected to address. Starting with the firm and therefore, with the organization itself. McCann outlines discontent over the organizational politics, as he will not be able to deliver his part unless those political issues will be overcome. However, in several parts of the case it is clear, that the different departments and groups within the company are working isolated from each other (not only on the IT level, e.g. HR issues with his home worker colleague Linda).
Another and even bigger problem is the change of the industrial standard. Web-4-U was chosen as being a part of the “Green” project, but over the last year, the industry has developed a new standard and therefore, the product was not able to compete with others anymore before it got even on the market.

Potential future and answers to questions

  1. “Facilitators” for the Green Project

As mentioned above, a project is more likely to succeed when the executive board stands behind the project. This shortens decision finding processes and enhances the whole project flow. Furthermore, connecting the yearly bonuses to the success of the project, helped to get the employees motivated to contribute more for it. Another positive aspect is McCann himself, as he is described as one of the best project managers. Nevertheless, throughout the whole business case, the “Green” project receives always the best people (Linda, Samba…). This excludes failure through missing skills and knowledge.

  1. “Barriers” for the Green Project
  • Communication

In my opinion, one of the biggest issues. All parts in this company rather reflect being “silos” than working together and cooperate.

  • Personnel limitations and skill set

First of all, there is not enough staff to complete each task described in the IT plan within the timeline. Furthermore, McCann would have to go somewhere else to find the necessary technical knowledge and people for the “Green” project.

  • Time

The “Green” Project is due in less than 12 months, which is believed by McCann to be too short for a successful completion. He mentioned that it will put more pressure on his team.



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