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Business Case

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In order to change the organization a complete and documented evaluation of both the internal and external environment must be done in order to ensure that customer-centricity is appropriate for Huffman. This will involve an evaluation of the top three competitors to determine how they provide their services and what gives them their competitive advantage.

To refreeze the organization the employee and customer surveys and new marketing strategy will form part of the organizational guide and will be the way that the organization conducts its marketing business. The enterprise information system will help to form part of the organizations marketing strategy as it will help management to ensure that they make proper decisions because they have all appropriate information in one place. In addition these processes will form part of the organization's handbook because they will be how the organization operates.

Evaluation of Results

To determine if the implementation plan is successful the company will be evaluated by employees and customers as these are the stakeholders that require the most attention. Employee surveys will be carried out to determine employee satisfaction with roles they perform within the organization and because "organizations need to understand that the closest touch point to the customer can help improve customer retention" (, 2008, para. 8). Because employees are the closest touch point to the customer, the organization needs to ensure that employees are confident about its role in the organization and are able to perform those roles with minimal interference from management.

Customer satisfaction surveys will be conducted on a regular basis to determine if the organization is on the right track with the plan they have implemented. The customer satisfaction survey's purpose will be threefold. First it will help to determine customer acquisition and retention information and the organization will now be able to determine those rates without having to guess. The survey will also help management to determine which services are important to which customers. Finally the customer satisfaction surveys will help management to decide if customer satisfaction is beneficial to the overall growth of the organization.


While Huffman Trucking continues to remain a top competitor in the industry, organizational growth, customer satisfaction and improved marketing strategies are all important to Phil Huffman in his quest to improve the overall standing of his organization. In order to improve the organization's position, customer-centricity will be implemented in order to help the organization reach its ultimate goals. In order to determine if this was the right choice for Huffman a complete evaluation was been performed of both the internal and external environment. This revealed that the organization



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