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Business Case

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Reflection paper

After reading this book, I was very excited to start working on a video and I wanted to know what would happen on latter chapters through viewing the videos of my peers. As a start I found the video of the introduction very informative it explained to me the reason behind the author writing this book. The author was lead by curiosity the same way I was and he was inspired to write his way of explaining everything from the start of the universe.

After that, our video which I worked on along with my classmate Norhan was presented. What we were trying to accomplish in this video is to explain to the viewers in a very simple way the start of the universe along with it's evidence for it and the different hypothesis presented for the beginning of the universe. After our video was over our peers started explaining how cosmologiats found the first particles that were present on the universe. These videos helped expand my knowledge as I was able to put the rest of the story together. Other videos were presented and they were all talking about the simple steps of how our universe came to be that way.

Different topics were presented talking about the start of chemistry, the big bang and it's impact and volcanoes. All of the topics were criticized according to the rules of the scientific method and we were trying to find out wether the author was slipped into any of the logical fallacies. All in all, I really enjoyed doing that movie and learning about the beginning of everything.



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