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Business Ethics Across Cultures

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Ethics across Cultures 1


Ethics across Cultures

I have decided to focus my writing on the country of Japan, and the country of Australia. I will first give a brief overview of the business ethics of Japan, followed by the business ethics of Australia.

Business Ethics in Japan

Over the past 30 or more years, Japan has had its problems involving corporate scandals. Japanese corporations' unethical business practices have been an issue that has plagued this country for decades. With the many problems facing business ethical issues (Taka, 1997), writes that; "Japanese business communities are taking ethics more seriously than ever before".

Reviewing Japans' record of accomplishment it is time for someone to stand up and take these unethical issues seriously or this country is on the brink of financial ruin. From brides in government, to the food contamination, many Japanese businesses do not have a code of ethics Taka, 1997). This shows their how much they are concerned for the people of their country. Reviewing the past events of this country, some Japanese businesses only objective is to make money without any regard to humankind.

"With and bribery scandals making headlines almost daily, Japan's shoddy business ethics are defect cover-ups, kickbacks, price-rigging back in the spotlight" The article also states that; Japanese tire and auto makers, Bridgestone and Mitsubishi Electric, have been caught hiding defects in tires and solar -cell systems. In addition, Sanyo Electric the electronics maker, tried to pass defective televisions in the marketplace (


Business Ethics in Japan (continued)

Many companies in Japan are dealing with discrimination. Through its ongoing troubles, Japan has a lot to contend with in order to reverse this dilemma. Having to follow the leadership of powerful government religious leaders, not having a voice in business matters is unethical. This is not good for this country or as a global prospective.

Japan's Ethical Prospective

Japan is looking for investors in which they lack. When Japan becomes truly serious about their business ethics, its leaders must institute a code of ethics for all businesses to follow and adhere by it, Japan must build a better relationship within the country and among the people. This is imperative for economic growth of this country. Removing those leaders that are a disgrace, and destroying the country's image would help the future of Japan as they continue to seek investors.


Comparison: Japan vs. United States

Although this country is my home and I love living here, I feel America ethical principles in business are somewhat corrupt, especially in the last decade or more. Since June 2000, until July 2002, Forbes records 22 corporate scandals in the United States ( This type of unethical behavior has become contagious and is spreading across the globe. Business and religious leaders that strive on making money no matter at what costs, are destroying the ethics of this world.

Unfortunately, much of humankind all over the world has lost their mind to greed, and the dishonest tactics it takes to become powerful with financial gain. Being a Bible student, I like the scripture Jesus speaks of in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 16 verse 26, "for what is a man profit, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Holy Bible, King James Authorized Version).

Integrity is far more valuable than wealth. However, most people do not act as if they believe this. Afraid of not getting everything they want, they will pay any price to increase their wealth- cheating, stealing, taking brides, extortion, to name a few examples. People of this caliber have no ethics and very little or no character.


To sum it all up, Japan is much like the United States concerning business ethics. It is too many leaders with corrupt minds running these countries. Unfortunately, the people of these countries that are law -abiding citizens have to suffer for their mistakes.



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