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Business Ethics

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Essay Preview: Business Ethics

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Date: August 21, 2011

Subject: Business Ethics

There is much to say about business ethics. After reviewing the two articles there are several things that I have learned and will put into practice. Reading the two articles has definitely given me a new view on business ethics and how employees as well as customers and everyday people perceive business ethics.The first article explains the importance of having a good ethical appearance. The article states that "your physical appearance is just as important as your sales pitch." ( Honestly, I would not have thought about the physical appearance being part of business ethics, I was always taught that business ethics is perceived on your actions and how you handle different situations within the work place. What I have also learned from this article is that the employees you work with everyday are basically judging you as well as the customers and others on your ethical behavior on the job.The second article gives a little history on how business ethics came about and how it's perceived from different individuals. After reading and reviewing the article, I've come to learn that there's more than one definition for business ethics. Defining business ethics depends on a person's outlook and how a business or corporation perceives business ethics. I've also learned that business ethics came about nearly 4,000 years ago and dates back to the biblical days. Throughout history business ethics began merging into the social aspect of ethics such as, civil rights movements, the environment, and consumer issues ( Throughout the course business ethics have been displayed, with the use of different articles from websites or e-mails, class discussions, and homework assignments. As students we understand the importance of business ethics and how it affects us personally as well as professionally. That is why it's very important to become knowledgeable about business ethics and its part in our everyday lives.

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