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Business Info Sytems

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10. The difference between MIS and DSS are distinguished by the detail of the reports provided by each. While DSS is a branch of MIS, DSS has a unique advantage to reporting of information. MIS provides very generic reports of large amounts of data and shows trends of where a company needs help in growing. DSS provides very specific and special reports that can be used to target very small regions within a company. Usually DSS provides specialized reports, only when a problem arises and needs to be addressed.

11. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human reasoning and behavior. AI also has developed computer systems to learn in ways that humans do. The 5 types of AI systems are: Expert Systems, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Intelligence Agents and Virtual Reality. The greatest system for business is the neural network that helps customers find their way around websites with FAQ's and specialized search engines that optimize your searches

12. According to the text, a business process is a collection of structured activities or tasks that produce a service or product for customers. The role it plays in an organization is to provide a company a structured set of instructions in how to operate and produce services and products for customers in a way that can be repeated without error.

13. Business managers need to know how business processes work because they're the leader in a group. The manager needs to be able to provide direction to their subordinates in certain situations in business processes. They need to know the correlation between processes and business systems so that a corporation or organization can operate smoothly.



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