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Business Management

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In this assignment Paradise Part II, Nick, and his organization, which represent by Alex, Chris, and Himself, they want to focus on decision-making technique to propose the appropriate solution for their organization. Providing an analysis of the specific steps used in applying the selected decision-making technique. In addition using the definition and various elements of critical thinking, examine the decision making model you selected and explain how it influences or impacts your proposed solution.

Nick In paradise part one, when he arrives at the island of Kava, he found that kava was a disaster even the company's office it was a mess. Kava was a disaster because of the hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and more. In part one Nick was sending from his company Wells Fargo to formulate the problem for Kava. However, this time Wells Fargo want him to find the decision making technique to identify the solution that will help to implement the organization process, and humans resources, and ethics.

The decision making techniques are important because helps to gather as much information as possible, to analyze it, rationalize it, and come with the best solution as possible. Wells Fargo decision making techniques are influenced by different factors such as personal behavior, technological, political, economic, and social factor. Nick and his other coworker have considered the following decision making techniques: Identify and diagnose the problem, generate alternatives solutions, evaluate alternatives make the choice, implement the decision, and evaluate the decision.

The first stage of decision making techniques, which is identify, and diagnose the problem. According with Bateman Snell, 2007 Identify the problem is to recognize that a problem exists and must be solve. Regarding with Kava case Chris and their organization, realized that Kava had a big problem that need to be solve. Because of the serious disaster such as hurricanes, tornados, fires, and earthquakes that destroy Kava, many people has been affect in many ways financially, some serious medical illness. Nick, Alex, and Chris want to find the objectives to help Kava to be a happy community. In addition, identify the criteria, goals, and objectives. In this stage Nick in their coworkers are identifying the objectives that they want to achieve for the island of kava, which is to create an organization like Wells Fargo Bank that will help Kava to have more business, creating opportunities, and help the people of Kava to be succeed financial.

Identified or evaluate the effects of the problem. Subsequently Nick and his organization will identify the problems that cause more negative effect for Kava. For example one of the effects of the problem is the 50% of the population in Kava is 15 Years younger, so that bring more terrorism, and the risk of HIV/AIDS, and many children are exposes to AIDS, child labor, poverty, human trafficking and children of



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