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Small Business Management

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i am a student at Saigontech. My major is Management. i often write essay about business that a reason why i found out this web site is very usuful to me. my hobbies are: listening to music and reading books. Franchising is an international industry offering almost limitless inspiration for entrepreneurs in search of new opportunities. There are some advantages. First, there is a lower risk of failure than an independent business because you are offering a service or product that already sells successfully. Next, franchisors develop, refine and set in place operational standards that help ensure a consistent level of quality. Moreover, franchisor can help franchisees in marketing campaign. And the franchiser can offer advice on developing a campaign for your local area. This way helps to save cost for marketing. Beside the advantages of franchising, it also has some disadvantages. First, the franchisor's standards have to be adhered to; a franchisee may have limited scope for individual personal initiative. Franchisees can loss of control and freedom. Ongoing royalties is the next disadvantages. Ongoing royalties could be as high as 10% (or more) of revenues - this amount could determine whether you business is profitable or not. Finally, the franchisor's problems are also your problems - for example, you could have a serious issue if there was a conflict between the franchisor and a major supplier. And your problems are still your problems.Countertrade is a transaction in which a company selling goods and services in a foreign country agrees to help promote investment and trade in that country.



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