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Business Management

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How Business Couriers can overcome their current crisis


As I have been hired as business management consultant as business couriers, I'm going to assess the businesses current state. I'm going to produce a balanced scorecard analysis, which will help me to decide on how they can improve the effectiveness of there operations, I will be calculating the company's break-even position, following this I will produce the companies profit and loss accounts. I will then I will be carrying out an in depth sensitivity analysis, which I will help me to come to a decision about what changes that can be made on the companies behalf. I will then briefly explaining why planning is important, and why they should make sure that they plan, I will be using all of the information that I will collect trough out this report.

Balanced Scorecard Analysis

The Balanced Scorecard is a tool that focuses on long term strategy and objectives to address four perspectives, financial, customer, internal business, and innovation and learning perspective. It balances the performance perspectives of three intangible assets with the management of physical assets. ( 2010) All strategies and objectives for the balanced scorecard must go with the corporate vision and strategy, in order to support overall company success. I have drawn up a balance scorecard for the business couriers.

Financial Perspective

This includes those traditional financial indicators which measure progress towards the achievement of your strategy, and which give your shareholders the information they need.

Corporate Goal Performance Indicator Target

Growth Sale Income Increase By 17% per Year

Increase Sale Amount Of Deliveries Increase Delivery By 5% In 3months

Customer Perspective

Set goals which relate to your customers' perception of your business. These could include measures like customer satisfaction levels, numbers of customer referrals, or target market penetration.

Corporate Goal Performance Indicator Target

Customer Retention No. Of Repeated Orders Increase No. Of Repeated Orders To 57%

Improve Services Complaint And Survey Received Decreasing No. Of Complaints To £% Of Receiving The Feedback Within 3 weeks.

Level Of Customer No. Of Sales Increase By 30% Per Year

Internal Business Perspective

Here you look at your main business processes like production, logistics or sales and then set goals related to such things as quality, time/efficiency, and cost reduction. They can explore ways of improving your internal systems and functions.

Corporate Goal Performance Indicator Target

Service Efficiency Output Per Delivery Drivers Increase By 10% Within 2 Months

E-tailing No. Of Companies



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