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Business Plan Case

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Essay Preview: Business Plan Case

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Final Exam Paper

1. A Business Golf Journal

A. Business professional's name: Tom Devereaux

Title: Financial Consultant

Company: Hantz Financial Services

B. Two things I learned about my business professional during the outing:

a) His job is about finding customers to analyze and advise the financial aspect of their business.

b) He has played golf a long time and golf is a useful tool for business communication.

C. Two business related conversation topics discussed during the outing:

a) We discussed what is a financial related job exactly about.

b) We talked about Chartered Financial Analyst Exam, and its importance for the employment.

D. Two non business related conversation topics discussed during the outing:

a) We talked about our golf experience especially golf outing experiences and some interesting stories.

b) We also talked our background and original from.

E. One memorable event that occurred during the outing:

a) When we on the green, I need do the putting on the ball. But I couldn't find a putting grip on my club bag. Mr. Devereaux gave his putting grip to me and said: " You can use mine if you want." So I took his putting grip to complete the swing. He is so nice and gentle.

2. Review My Business Golf Plan

A. My business golf objectives for the outing:

a) Learning and practicing how to communicate each other during the business golf outing;

b) Getting more information or knowledge from the business professional and partners; sharing my experience or information to them at the same time;

c) Meeting more people and making more friends;

d) Learning more new interesting things about business golf.

B. Yes, I achieved my business golf objectives, because I learned the communication way through actually practice during the outing. I met many people; we talked to each other and got to know more about each other. I also learned the business golf knowledge, such as the process of the golf outing.

C. My golf skill enhanced due to having more communication with other partners during the outing. I can learn how to do a good stroke through watching other peoples' swing motions. My partners also encouraged and praised me a lot even though I didn't



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