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Business Plan - Creating a Coffee Shop

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Essay Preview: Business Plan - Creating a Coffee Shop

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Executive Summary 3

Scope Statement 3

Project Objectives 3

Project Deliverables 3

Project Milestones 3

Technical Requirements 4

Limits and Exclusions 4

Work Breakdown Structure 5

Network Diagram 6

Risk Management Plan 7

Resource Management Plan 8

Communication management Plan 9

Communication Plan Matrix 10

Method for Updating the Communication Plan 11

Existing Systems 11

Escalation Process 11

Conclusion 11

Executive Summary

Our local town has expanded gradually, providing a wide variety of entertainment and great hot spots. One of the more popular products sold in the area is coffee. By request, we've come to the conclusion that we build a great coffee shop for the locals and visitors. The objective is to get this coffee shop on its foundation, produce, and sell great coffee products to our customers. Not only this, we also want to provide a welcoming environment within the walls of the shop so the customers can relax and enjoy the coffee.

Scope Statement

The coffee shop project will be completed to launch a coffee shop that will redefine the standards in food quality and service. The building will be a 1,500 square foot refurbished building in the heart of Independence, Missouri. Our goal is to create a space where patrons can utilize wireless access while dining for an enhanced experience.

Project Objectives

Our objective is to open a coffee shop that will produce a great cup of coffee and a high standard in food quality and service. The coffee shop will exceed annual revenue of $250,000. Our objective will be met by setting milestones on the way to completing each deliverable.

Project Deliverables

Part of the projects success will be measured on our ability to deliver the deliverables. We will refurbish the 1,500 square foot building into a top of the line and trendy coffee shop that will feature seating for 30. During the refurbishing of the building we will install extra security to the facility and install a high speed wireless network that is fast and secure for browsing the web. The coffee shop will feature the richest tasteful coffee and assorted baked goods that are in a class of their own. We will ensure that we are fully licensed and insured by the state of Missouri, buy completing our milestones on schedule. We will help with establishing a business name identity and marketing plan for attracting the local community to the coffee shop. Lastly we will launch the coffee shop, by hosting a grand opening event.

Project Milestones

For the project we have defined several major milestones that will signify the completion of several parts of the project. The milestones are goals that will lead us to completion of the deliverables. The project milestones are defined below.

Milestone Date

Find location with high traffic 04/18/13

Obtain licenses and permits 05/20/13

Choose business name 06/01/13

Create menu /food and beverage 06/15/13

Purchase equipment and supplies (Hardware) 07/01/13

Obtain business insurance 07/15/13

Purchase misc. supplies (napkins, cups, etc) 07/01/13

Hire employees 08/01/13

Plan grand opening 08/15/13

Technical Requirements

First and foremost, there are licenses that must be obtained, which would be the property and food establishment licenses, as well as the sales and use permits. In addition to this, the property insurance will be required as well. The shop must be refurbished (internally) and we must install the networking to provide the wireless capabilities. Partnership with wholesale suppliers is a must in order to obtain machinery and products. To finalize the requirements, we are to plan safety and fire risk assessment, as well as pass the health and safety inspection. All of these are an absolute must in order for this project to succeed.

Limits and Exclusions

Due to the given condition of the shop, the refurbishment is a necessity, so the contractors and subcontractors will be responsible for this task. The work hours for the contractors are as follows:

* Monday - Friday (8 a.m. - 12 p.m.)(1 p.m. - 5 p.m.)

The building has to be brought up to safety code and the light fixtures that are being put up need to be over the coffee bar. These lights were not installed at the time the shop was purchased and will be installed a week before the grand opening. The wiring will be done in the process of the shops refurbishment, so the network will be available for customers and employees. The coffee and cappuccino machines will be custom made by the local tradesman, as well as the bean grinders. In addition, there will be a custom made logo and sign specifically for the cups and the shop. The coffee beans itself will be provided by the local brewing company, so everyone will have their own responsibilities that should be acknowledged.

Work Breakdown Structure

The project tasks are focused toward the completion of the previously defined milestones. Each milestone brings us one step closer to completing a deliverable. The below images display the tasks we've assigned and the completion and duration of each task. Some of the tasks were able to begin at the same time while others required predecessors to be completed before the next task could be completed.

To alleviate some of the initial over allocations we needed to restructure and stagger some of the tasks that could be completed at the same time. This created a more logical order and saved on staffing hours which reduced cost.




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