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The Purpose of Creating a Paper - Existing Coffee Shops

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Essay Preview: The Purpose of Creating a Paper - Existing Coffee Shops

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Existing Coffee Shops



Coffee shops in operation serve their best selection of coffee but they hardly provide places for mental relaxation. Most are not available after work hours and only a few good coffee shops are at work for 24 hours. Another problem is that currently operating coffee shops do not provide free internet access and they only offer magazines as a form of entertainment for their patrons. Customers have fewer choices for amusement and can only read topics they are not fond of. Entertainment is one of the least addressed problems because coffee shops are just there for selling coffee without providing anything that can amuse or relax customers.

As an assessment of our market, we have commissioned a study revealing that university students and call center agents want to have a place where they can enjoy blended coffee drinks while reading. We propose the establishment of this project because we want to be part of the solution while at the same time have a productive mutual relationship with our possible customers. Moreover, since there are only few coffee shops currently operating for 24 hours, call center agents and university students who are mostly active during the night have no place where they can relax, read, or study.


We propose to set-up a coffee shop that can fill those needs. CoffeeBound™ is not just an ordinary coffee shop. We will be providing high-class and quality-filled service, yet still affordable products for consumers. CoffeeBound will be providing a wide array of literature for the pleasure and benefit of our consumers. Free access to music and the internet are also some of our services that will surely enliven our customers. Another good feature of CoffeeBound™ is our implementation of a 24-hour operation so our customers can enjoy our coffee and our services during their most convenient time. Since night-shift workers including call center agents and students are most active during nighttime, having a 24 hour work schedule will cater to our nocturnal customers' needs.

Our fine assortment of coffee will surely thrill taste buds, stimulate minds, and improve one's overall well-being - the very goal of our coffee shop. The relaxing aroma and the soothing taste of our coffees coupled with our best selection of literature will truly stimulate and activate our customers' minds.

CoffeeBound's selection of literature will be generously donated by our chief executive Atty. Matthew Yamamoto. A variety of student friendly literature from various fields - from the classic to the contemporary is available at our coffee-shop free for our customers to read. Included are classic and trendy novels, science-fiction finds, biographies, history and even Mathematics.

We recognize that Filipinos especially



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