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Communication Process Model

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Communication process model

Sender: corporate office

Receiver: all stores

Message: this is about communication when about a meeting when I was a store manager for a major retailer the commination came on a Sunday basically stated that all store managers important meeting with ceo on Monday at 8 Am do not be late. Stated at corporate office in Beaumont TX the channel that was used was corporate email the misunderstanding about this was that all managers had to corporate office next day in lees then 24 hours for some managers that was at least a six hour drive. The misunderstanding came as that the meeting was to be held teleconference from corporate office and mangers had to go to their meeting sites in town to for meeting

What was learned about the communication process was that it is important to proof read what is being sent or read to avoid misunderstanding. The main cause of the miscommunication was the way the message was conveyed. Commination is so important in the workplace wrong information conveyed can cause a lot of mis understandings. Depending on the type of commination wither verbal, non-verbal essions used during a business presentation would depend on the subject matter. If the subject is based on a serious matter, the facial expression should be serious, no smiling but, no frowning. If the presentation happens to be something comical or funny, a smile and laugh would be effective throughout the delivery.

Body language isr form of demonstrative communication. Nonverbal communication is between 60 - 75% of the impact of a message. The power of body language can be used to become tremendously successful in any activity that involves interaction and communication with people (Hogan, 2011). Crossing one's arms may be perceived as negative. Despite what we may intend to say with our words, our body language is the over-riding factor in how the message is received. Eye contact is a very effective form of body language and facial expression. Direct eye contact with the audience indicates confidence and



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