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Swot Analysis from Hr Manager Perspective

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Essay Preview: Swot Analysis from Hr Manager Perspective

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Sort out Tim Hortons from your own role perspective

SWOT analysis from HR manager perspective:

Strength: focusing on the elements that make the organization what it is

  • How Can We Use Each Strength?

The merger of both companies will allow higher efficient use of resources. For example, both companies could use the same recruiting and staff system instead of having separate recruiting systems. Moreover, it is beneficial to the company in terms of employees training. This is because majority of work at both companies is a low skilled work and have a high degree of similarity. As a result, after both companies merged together, they could use the same training facilities. This exploits the benefits of economies of scale.

Weakness: minimising areas that leave the organisation vulnerable

  • How Can We Stop Each Weakness? 

When both companies merge, they may suffer from diseconomies of scale and some workers may not get used to the culture of the new firm. This is because both firms’ culture are very different.

Opportunity: maximising prospects and valuing change

  •  How Can We Exploit Each Opportunity? 

When both firms merge together, they can share the workers they have and therefore eliminate any unnecessary workers

Threat: ensure awareness of risks to the organisation

  • How Can We Defend Against Each Threat?

1. The merger might eliminate some of the roles that are available in both companies because of duplication of posts. For example, right now both Tim hortons and burger King both have separate HR department but after the merger, it is likely only one HR department is needed. As a result, some people will be laid off. This is threatening to employees’ engagement and motivation.

2. Losing out a differentiated employee value proposition

SWOT analysis-Marketing manager

Strength: 3000 chains, Strong brand, refurbish, strong CSR

Weakness: shut down stores in America, their expansion into America is a failure, not a great healthy menu, no fair-trade system, number of stores is declining

Opportunity: Expand healthy menu, improve advertising to get attention from healthy group, Breakfast

Threat: Startbucks is the biggest external threat

PESTLE analysis


Government from both USA and Canada might be concern with the monopoly formed by the merger and therefore may not allow it to take place. Moreover, they may be concern the merger might destroy the nation’s brand and therefore may not permit it to occur.



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