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Busniess Case

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No employer likes to see its own employees publicly post content damaging to the employer or any member of its workforce. Companies have begun initiating and implementing Social Media policies for their employees to follow. Employees should be aware the statements posted that can damage the Company, defame any individual or damage any person's reputation because he might be facing some serious problems. I would give an example of social media. The NLRB seeks to prevent unfair labor practices by unions and private sector employers, including non-union employers. According to the NLRB, employees' right to engage in concerted activity under the NLRA is protected even when making social media posts. I personally feel like; a employee should not put pictures or comment regarding his or her job, doesn't matter what company he or she's working for because it's about their reputation. How can you expect not to get terminated or fired from a current job if someone is making comments or posting pictures online? For example like Facebook. I use to have Facebook before, and every time I long in I see people talking about their work or many people will put their status about their work. I feel that he or she should be terminated right away without asking any question. I have looked up one article it's about a person who works at BMW dealership and got terminated from work by putting up pictures because he was upset. This site talks about in details about a sales person who worked at BMW dealership.

I agree with NLRB and their policy because it's about a reputation that he or she has no rights to disrespect. It's like some disrespecting you on your own property. That's not allowed and he or she will face consequence. The NLRB considers postings which are directly related to working conditions to be protected, even if those postings include swearing and/or sarcasm against the employer. Factors cutting against existence of a protected communication may include the extent to which such communications interrupt the work or operations of the employer or pose a verbal or physical threat. But in many health care workers mistakenly believe that posting a patient's image on a social media site does not violate HIPAA's privacy requirements if the post excludes the patient's name and other identifying information. To the contrary, an image that includes a patient's face is not de-identified under HIPAA. Even when the face is obscured, the image still could be entitled to protection under HIPAA if the patient reasonably could be identified, for example, where the image reveals a distinguishing tattoo or scar. The NLRB has struggled in the past to apply its rules and case precedents regarding concerted activity to social networking. When you apply for a job, you get a job, they check everything. For example like, many people think by putting stuff on Facebook are not seen by other people. I know this person who worked for chase bank and he was a personal banker, one day he was upset about chase and he thought it was stupid and silly, so made some comments about on Facebook, a week later I found out he was fired from his job because chase found out he was posting comments about them on social media. So my answer will be if someone is posting inappropriate statement or pictures that shouldn't be than he or she faces a consequence.

I work as a manager at 7-11. It's big a corporate and or you can say big company. When I want to hire people I tell them 7-11 policies when the day I interview them, so they need to understand that they work for someone and there are rules that we all have to follow. I had a person who worked for two years. He was a good worker. He comes to work on time, does all his work that's needs to be done. He got raise because he's



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