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E- Busniess Case

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Creating an E-business website is not as easy as it seems. When building a website you need to have a model on how you want it set up. Once this has been determined, decide how you want the site to target your customers and is this going to meet your long term goals. Companies have decided to start an online business to save money and make it convenient for the consumer. We are going to look at three companies that have online business and do an analysis how the site is set up. Is there anything they can do to make their sites better?

Amish Hills Fine Handmade Furniture

Amish Hills Fine Handmade Furniture sells Amish furniture at a low price. This company's site was not one of my favorite sites. When I first saw the home page, I was not sure who their targeting consumers where. I was expecting to see tons of furniture, but all I saw was the wood choices, their contact information and where they are located. Once I read more into their site I notice that they did not prices for their merchandise. This was confusing until I saw that they charge depending on what material you use to build your furniture and how big.

If I was to build this site, I would advertise that the furniture is priced on how big the piece of furniture you want built. I would not have my customers confused at the beginning. I would also have examples of the furniture pictured on their site. This will give customers ideas on exactly what they want and how it should look. ("Amish hills fine,")

Wag'n Tails Store

The Wag'n tail website is a very nice site. The colors were a little much but it catches your attention. They add a personal touch by sharing a video advertisement and did a very good job on explaining what their company is all about. This is what gave the site value. My first impression was that they came to your home and groom your pets, but it is actually a business that helps other business convert to brick and mortar. Their business model is B2B. The only thing I would change about this site would be having a better visual set up. The color blends in too much with each other and makes reading the fonts very difficult. Not everyone has perfect eye sight. (Wag'n Tails)

Scotts Lawn Services

Scotts Lawn service is designed with great professionalism. The sight was very easy to locate and I did not have to second guess if this was the site I was looking for. It is very easy to navigate and very informative. Unlike the other two the site gives you control of your account by becoming a member. Their main goal is to make your life easier taking care of your lawn all year round. The statement can be contradicting because grass does need stay green all year round due to the change of weather. This could be taken into account as false advertisement. The thing that adds value to this service is that you want



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