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Cadbury Case

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The report is to evaluate the reason why people consume chocolate and also outline the relevance of self-concept to marketing. The reason that consumer being so excited by Cadbury's use of palm oil while there are so many manufacturers out there using it will be discussed as well. The research draws attention to self-concept, motivation, and behavioral learning theory which at the end provide a solution for the confectionary and food managers to resolve motivational conflict.

It is very normal for New Zealand public to uncover many unethical activities carried out by organizations. Cadbury was trapped in the scandal of substituting cocoa butter by palm oil in its chocolate manufacturing. There was considerably protest and public outcry to boycott Cadbury. The reason behind the protest was because the palm oil plantation would destroy the forest habitat of Orang-Utan. The publicity of the negative scandal has damaged Cadbury's effort in ethical brand building and also the announcement of the use of fair-trade logo. Cadbury had lost trust from the public especially its customers.

A number of reasons that influence consumer to consume chocolate and to boycott Cadbury has been outline in the report. Self-concept is basically the main factors that consumers consume chocolate and also the important factor that marketers should look in. Besides, motivation explains multiple reasons that people consume chocolate as well as avoid consuming Cadbury's chocolate. Last but not least, the behavioral leaning theory also explained the reason that the public get so excited by Cadbury's use of palm oil in fact many other manufacturers were doing the same. Finally, a number of recommendation on how should resolve a motivational conflict is included.



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