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Cadbury Case

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Essay Preview: Cadbury Case

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Today in PD1 we had been divided in groups of six so we can do the readiness assurance test. The test was talking about teamwork, problem solving (problem identification and problem heuristic) vision and conflict resolution. Moreover, the class was big so we take time to minimize the class so we can have an equal small group in each team.

We have done the readiness assurance test because it helps to have a clear idea of the subject. Also, to improve communication and shows the effectiveness of team work. Furthermore, it gives a specific procedures needed to be completed in order to succeed in this test (RAT).

When I had did the rat alone I had some stress because I want to get all the answers correct. In the other hand, when we discussed the answer in the team it have helped me in understanding the questions correctly. Also, it was affective as each member of the team had different opinion referring to the answer which helped us to communicate and see his perspective of the answer.

In the future, I hope that I can be included in different groups so I can communicate with other class mate. In addition, to go over what I take in class and refer to the book before the test to have a clear idea of what the test will be about. Also, have the ability to change the answer that we have already circled.



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