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Cadbury Chocolate Case

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Many things play a role in the way a person may portray himself. Culture and gender are factors affecting the way a person perceives himself. And they could vary from one person to another. In western countries it is normal and expected that a person become independent from others and to rely on himself rather to be dependent on his parents. While in Asian cultures, it is seen that a person should be interdependent and is acceptable. Also, in western cultures personal accomplishments are more important that personal relationships while in Asian countries relationships come first.

Gender also plays a big role in the self-concept. It is an important factor that defines the person's personality. Men are generally independent while women are interdependent. Furthermore, men generally think with their brains and see what the best thing to do in terms of accomplishing or achieving something or what in their best interest, while women tend to be emotionally driven and sometimes do things that would do more damage than good just in the name of emotion or "doing good".

Cadbury's have a broad target audience. These include children, teenagers and 18-34 year olds. These consumers generally have less defined and weaker self-concepts than more mature people. And they tend to seek acceptance and seek to blend in with their peers and are more likely to use products and brands that help enhance their identities and further more define them as people.

As we all know youngsters have very low income level and could not afford expensive things. And since we mentioned that young people are generally seeking to define and enhance themselves and have low income then when they buy the Cadbury chocolate they are thinking that they are making a statement that they are a part of the green consumers society and are part of a group of people while not spending much money.

To link it to the case study, people were disappointed when they knew about a big corporation like Cadbury was using palm oil from a supplier that was found to be causing deforestation in the Indonesian rainforest which was really unacceptable. In the campaign that Auckland zoo had done. They used a poster with 4 animals which were an elephant, tiger, rhinoceros and an adult orangutan with her baby. The campaign was extremely clever because it provoked human emotions like parental traits or parental emotions that made people subconsciously link the animal with themselves and their babies and would make them support the cause (SimplyPsychology, 2008). Also, they would include furry cuddly animals to play with people's emotions and make them support the case even more. Also, the negative pressure from the media and peers would have created cognitive dissonance in customers who bought the products and they would ultimately cave in to dissonance and peer pressure and result in not buying that product again

When Cadbury used palm oil from a supplier



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