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Career Plan Reflection Paper

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Career Plan Reflection Paper


March 3, 2014

Career Plan Reflection Paper

I had a plan that by this time in my life I would have had my degree and career but things do not always happen the way that you wish for it too. I have been lucky enough to work in the field that I am getting my degree in and I know that others are not as fortunate. A good many of my accomplishments come from the fact that I have had a supervisor that has always pushed me to go the extra mile. I am currently working on my Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management. I will not say that it has been easy to get to where I am today. I have had to overcome a lot and make some sacrifices to get to where I am in my career. I have may have been the correct candidate for a position that was available but I would be denied the opportunity because I didn't have a degree that they felt was needed for the position. During the time in my life when this kept happening over and over I made the decision to pursue my degree. While in school doors starting opening up for me. When I achieved my associates degree the first time that I was able to write on an application that I had my degree it felt good and strange at the same time.

The Career Plan Building activities were very helpful to me. The actually showed me that the career path that I have chosen is the correct career path for me. These activities helped me gain knowledge as to what is needed in the career path that I have chosen. The activities also showed me actually who I am as a person and what will be expected of me if I was to pursue this career. There was a time in my life that I had questioned do I want to really do this the rest of my life and now I know that it is the correct career for me.

During this course I have learned what areas in my professional career that I need to work on and how important communication is both professional and personal. It was also brought to my attention that their different ways of communicating depending on who your audience is. It is best to know your audience so that you are able to deliver the message successfully.



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