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Career Planning

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Career planning is one important aspect of human resource planning and development. Ever individual who joins an organization desires to make a good career for himself within the organization. He joins the organization with a desire to have a bright career in terms of status, compensation payment and future promotions. From t he point of view of an organization, career planning and development have become crucial in management process. An organization has to provide facilities/opportunities for the career development of individual employees. For this, career development programmes need to be introduced.

Career planning is the systematic process by which one selects/ decides career goals and the path to achieve/ reach these goals. From the point of an organization, it means helping employees to plan their careers in terms of their educational background and capacities and also within the context of future manpower needs of the organization. If the organizations want to get the best out of their employees, they must plan regularly the career development programmes in their organizations. In brief, career planning refers to the formal programmes that organizations implement to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the human resources available. Career planning and development is the responsibility of the hr department of the organization. Career planning is an integral part of manpower planning which Is also an important part of career planning. It is a continuous process due to ever changing business environment and corresponding changes in the manpower needs of an organization.

At the individual level, career planning is a systematic process by which an individual selects his career goals and the path to reach these goals. From the organization's viewpoint, career planning implies a purposeful planning of the career of every employee so as to enable him to achieve a career growth as per his abilities and aspirations. Here, the organization has to provide suitable opportunities for his employee development during the course of his career span. It is a managerial technique for mapping out the entire career of young employees.



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