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Case 10 New Leadership at Western High School

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Essay Preview: Case 10 New Leadership at Western High School

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First action and duty she should do is to let the employees feel more secure towards her.

How?? She should look to the good aspects that the previous headmaster had and improve it to be more efficient and implement it to show and give them a signal that she is here to benefit and make them more comfortable towards their work environment. For example giving the staff more time just like the old headmaster to let them feel she is a caring boss.

Secondly, she has to look deeply to the organizational structure and culture and try to change it, to fit into the line of other high schools.

She has to reinforce her approach of encouraging employees at all levels to let them think for themselves and be more confident in putting forward new ideas that they believe to contribute into a better organization.

She should also hire more teachers to reduce the pressure on the current staff. Because, we can see that the number of the staff in WSPS is 25 and 15 of them are teachers, if we divide the 500 student into the 15 teacher we can find that each class is carrying between 34 to 40 student (because of the part time  teachers). And by hiring more teachers and turning all the teachers into full time job basis except for the special cases for some teacher’s, the overload will be reduced and the teachers will have more effort and will be more motivated to increase the education level between students.

And not forgetting to increase the number of the caring staff as well as the cleaners, because currently there are only one caring staff and two cleaners. Thus reducing the load. By that other staff will not be worried any more towards the children’s safety and they will work in a better environment.

She can also hire a catering company for the school cafeteria rather than having volunteers from the parents. In this way she can solve two problem at the same time, first by providing healthier food for both staff and students and second to give the parents more and enough time for the school activities like attending parents-teacher evenings or the end of the year events such as award night and Christmas concerts.

She can also provide newer equipment for the school to assist the staff members and offer them more facilities, even though if they think that it is not necessary but later they will see the big difference of it.

Equipment such as: 1- Buying new system for the administration worker. Ex: Accounting system

                                    2- New and more tools for the cleaners rather than the old ones.

                                    3- Provide the teachers with better technical devices such as computers

Facilities Such as: 1- provide a special place for the canteen to the staff members to have tea and other stuff

                                 2- Having a contract with a maintenance companies to keep the school with a good shape



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