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Case Project 1: Preparing an Executive Summary

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Essay Preview: Case Project 1: Preparing an Executive Summary

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: Case Project 1: Preparing an Executive Summary

Objectives/Grading rubric: after completing this activity the student will be able to…

1. Identify Research (5pts): Students should be able to identify an article having to do with some part of the art world (auctions, a favorite artist, a gallery, a new exhibit at a museum). The student will use this article for this assignment. The student should be able to critically identify main points of the article and relevant evidence supplied by the original author.

2. Provide Background (5pts): Provide background information within a corresponding section that informs a reader not familiar with the original article. This information should include the following: author, title of article, when it was published, where it was published, whether you found it online or in print. A link to the original article should appear in the conclusion of the student's executive summary.

3. Summarize (15pts): The summary should be objective in nature. It should cover the main points of the author’s argument along with any relative evidence provided.

4. Reflect (15pts): The reflection should be subjective in nature. The student shows an understanding of their chosen text, it’s relevance to their audience and professional field of interest. Evidence from the original text is provided to back up the student’s assertions about the text. All evidence is “unpacked” in the reflection, which means the student explains its relevance to their argument about the text and the original text in general.

5. Define Terms (5pts): Differentiate between objective summary and subjective reflection by separating them into individual sections within the summary. Identify and explain what an executive summary is, and its usefulness within the office environment. Explain what the difference is between subjective reflection and objective summary with the Evaluative Summary.

6. Compose using proper Memo Technique (5pts): Present a document that visually shows best practices in memo writing, visual organization, and highlighting techniques. Memos should include a conclusion: thank the reader, offer to answer questions, provide an email address, and provide a link to the original article.

Topic: for this activity you will go to the library/access internet sources to help you find an article on a subject that interests you personally. You should try to stick to something that is potentially professionally of interest (For instance, something related to your field of expertise/classes you are taking/professional goals, etc.). You must, however, find an article from a trusted and reliable source.

Assignment: One you’ve found the article you want to use, read it over a couple of times, taking notes on the author’s main points and the supporting evidence provided in the article. This



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