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Case Study

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Nowdays,children are more addicted to playing and texting then studying...some is for distressing some is for entertainment. Children also started using Singlish more then English.So, their marks will be pulled down for every subject as English is very impotant nowadays!Children are also using short forms to text hence resultinh in the addiction in it..Worse still, they will also write shortforms in their composition exams which can cause them to lose lots of marks...So, in conclusion i think that children should practse good habits in typing proper English as well as speaking good english.Lots of people think that speaking good n proper English is diificult but it is not...Start speaking good english is not just depend on the amount of effort you put in to say it...English is important as you will use it throughout your lifetime. It may be hard to change still,for the sake of your future,speaking good and proper english is very impotant.Mathematics is also important as it will be needed when we need to calculate things like example the fees,amount,tax,Gst and many more.If we dont master them now,it will be very hard to change as we are already used to it.It is not only important in singapore but everywhere.The common language almost everybody speak is English . English is not complicated.The most important component in English is Grammar.Ah....the component which everybody makes mistakes in but no fear just keep practicing and I am sure it will be perfect...Composition is also a part where grammar must be perfect and also good words and phrases must be in it to make the reader interested in your story if not,your story will be very boring and the reader will be sleepy if they continue reading it.Chinesee is also important and the 2nd most important language.So...I think that every subject u learnt is important...Do not just focus in one subject but also focus in every subject.Each subject is impotant but in different ways.So bye!!!!!!!!!!!!



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