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Case Study

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Hi All,

Applications for Nomura would be made through a CV relate, a cover letter and a preference survey for roles.

Address the cover letter to Ms. Diana Ly, Nomura International Plc. The cover letter should be max one page in length.

Nomura would be considering interns for following roles:

1) Global Markets - London

2) Fixed Income - Asia

3) Investment Banking - Asia

Deadline: 23:59:00, 8th October

Please find the JD for the roles attached. Post your queries on relevant thread.

Regards,ar All,

Are you tired of the work Excel Excel Excel every where???

Please do not worry, Team GeneSys is here to help you for sailing through Managerial Computing not only with higher grades but also to imbibe the skills within you forever.

In view of concerns raised [by PGP1s] about course MC where guidance regarding preparation is required, the Team GeneSys is conducting an Excel REM for the PGP1s.

The Session would be covering the following topics,

String, Date & Time

Matrix and Array functions

Search Function (LookUp)

Data Management (filters & DFun)

Financial modeling , What If Analysis + solver

A sound knowledge in Managerial Computing (MC) and strong command over it is necessary for every manager and it will definitely help you in the long run.

Whether you wish to be in Consulting/Systems/Marketing/General Management/Finance/Operations/Whatever.

It is the only tool which you will be using day in and day out, and you can not run away from it.

Ask any Tuchcha/i and they will tell you the importance of this subject.

When: 13th June (Friday) 8 PM - 9 45 PM

Where: CR 9

Please revert back to us if you have any special requests for the REM.




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Mayank Bhagat



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