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Case Study

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The problem with this plot is that you will have great difficulty identifying the importance-performance points. To overcome this problem you need to draw another chart such that all the points are as spread out as they can get. This chart should be the one that goes into your report. One way to make this detailed chart is to not include axis levels that are not needed. Observe the minimum and maximum values of the points in your overall chart. Possibly you do not need to have the lowest possible level for both axes in your chart, that is, they could start from 2 (or maybe 3?). As well, the highest levels may be dropped. When you redraw the chart set the min's and max's of the axes to different levels but keep the size of the chart the same as before.

There are several ways to identify the particular points on this chart. One way is to pass your pointer over a chart data point and observe the co-ordinates that appear. Look the coordinates up in your table and name the data point accordingly. Shortened names are fine. A second way is to keep the chart but delete all the data points except the first. Only one point will appear in your chart. Name the point using a text box. Now reinsert the next pair of importance-satisfaction means. You should now have an identifiable second data point. Name it. Continue this way to complete all data points. If you have trouble fitting all the names in you might use codes A, B, C, etc and have a legend but this is hard to read.



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