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Celebrity and Fame

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Celebrity and fame can affect people in both positive and negative ways, offering opportunities for wealth and recognition but also presenting hazards such as the temptation of drug abuse or to develop an unrealistic view of fans. This is all demonstrated through Caswell's novel Asturias and my two TOYOC's; a song, Yellow Raincoat by Justin Bieber and a documentary of Jason Donovan ("Australian Story: The Prodigan Son). These three different visual texts all symbolize different negative and positive aspects of fame.

In Caswell's Novel Asturias, fame or money is often based around the band named Asturias that consists of 5 members that journey along the same path to pursue their similar dreams. The positive aspects of fame are interpreted through the chapter called "The Yellow-Brick Road" on page 71 as this chapter is mostly about optimism and naiveté. Symbolism is used in the title of the chapter "yellow-brick" suggesting that money or fame is presented as a journey to fame and fortune. This aspect of a positive impact of fame can also be heard in the television documentary of Jason Donovan, "Australian Story: The Prodigal Son". The idea of the affects of fame and fortune can be heard in the interview with Jason Donovan, "You get treated like royalty. It's just a new world full of wonderful riches". This is an expression of Jason's transition to living in a normal world to a different world filled with fame and fortune. Thus, suggesting that wealth can affect people in a positive way.

Another positive impact that fame and celebrity provides is the increased recognisability. When you've stepped into the world of the fame and fortune, you become well known everywhere and all the attention is put on you. This idea of being recognized by many can be very addictive and worth experiencing. This positive aspect can be referred through Alex in Asturias, "In all the concerts.... It lasted" on page 173. Caswell shows the power of musical popularity to unite the fans through Claire's words and how through Alex, being the focus of attention for the thousands of people is addictive, like a drug or riding a wave, that Alex had never experienced until now. There are similar lines said by Jason Donovan during his interview, "I had everything in the world at that point. It was a euphoria I enjoyed. I enjoyed the buzz of the drug." This saying by Jason suggests that he's fame and fortune was like a drug that he enjoyed, described through a metaphor. It also expresses the thrilling obsession that fame and fortune grants in life.

On the other hand, there are also the negative impacts that come with celebrity and fame. For example, due to the pressures of fame and the negativity promoted by the media, celebrities may be tempted to abuse drugs to use as a getaway and to forget their problems. In this case

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