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Fame and Celebrity

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Fame and Celebrity

Celebrity and fame shows that it can lead people to many different ways such as in a positive or a negative approach. The positives can be money or admiration of the society and the negatives can be drug and alcohol or rumors from the media. These different types of aspects talks about fame and celebrity because this is what famous celebrities would normally overcome in these situations during there life in showbiz. This essay will therefore depict celebrity and fame through the text Asturias, the song "When I grow up" - PCD and cricket player "Shane Warne". I am going to demonstrate how money, drugs and alcohol,and rumour from the mediaare related to these texts that we have been studying on fame.

I chose money because it is one of the basic aspects of fame involved in celebrity and fame. Money is also related in one of the text, Asturias. One quote that is mentioned in the novel is from Alex, "Twelve months of..."fame and fortune". The ride was every bit as exciting as they'd promised." This quote shows that "fame and fortune" (in this case is money), can be a fine and thrilling obsession in life. Another Quote from Asturias was from Max, "It's an image industry... there can't be a positive side to it all." In this quote, Max is now showing the down side of fame and having all the money in the world can come at a cost. A text of my choosing that relates to money is the song "When I grow up" by PCD. This song clearly talks about fame by the lyrics, "when i grow up! I wanna be famous! I wanna be a Star! I wanna be in Movies! When I grow up! I wanna see the World! Drive nice cars! I wanna have Groupies!" They sing this to show that they 'wanna' have everything which includes money and material possessions. Another text of my choosing that relates to money is cricket player "Shane Warne". This player is a wealthy and well known man that gains money through fame, as it says; he is an "idol and a world beater", which shows the good side of fame in his life.

I chose drugs and alcoholbecause itis also one of the basic aspects involved in fame and celebrity. Drugs and alcohol is also related to the text Asturias. One quote that is mentioned in the novel is from Claire, "Tim was drinking too much and disappearing until far too late some nights, but it hadn't affected his performance, YET." This shows that Tim is persevering through his performances while struggling in the inside due to the issues that he has such as drinking. Another quote is from Alex, "Because fame is a drug, and once you're hooked you are like any other addict." This quote doesn't specifically show drugs involved but does refer to the downside of fame which is like a drug and how it can affect your life. A text of my choosing that relates to drugs



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