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Character Description: Memento Mori, Earl

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Essay Preview: Character Description: Memento Mori, Earl

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Character Description: Memento Mori, Earl

In Jonathan Nolan's "Memento Mori", the reader is introduced to a helpless character with the name Earl. Earl was a normal man who had found the love of his life, and lived a normal life. However, the reader never knew that, we just got clues from the way Earl was forced to live his life.

The beginning of the story reveals that Earl's wife was murdered, and he was left with a injury that is forces him to live without the ability to make new memory. His solution to his injury is to write himself notes, and get tattoos with hints of who murdered his wife. After that day Earl is left behind with anger, and made his life goal to revenge her death.

Every time Earl looses his memory and begins his new life all over again he seem pretty calm about not knowing where he is. He knows he cannot properly live his life, so he is making fun of the fact he cannot remember anything like "Cigarette? Check for lit ones first, stupid" or by using the word "coward". He is making fun of himself since he will not remember it anyway.

Earl writes to his self "I don't know where you'll be when you read this. I'm not even sure if you'll bother to read this. I guess you don't need to." for me this seems like a hopeless man writing; if it is even worth it, Earl know he will forget it after ten minutes. After all, he is the "ten-minute man."

However, the fact that he is willing to go after the man that ruined Earl's and his wife's life shows courage, and he is not willing to stop until he has archived his goal.



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