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Characters Case

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The article ignores other possible dominant topics, such as taxes, immigration, education, and more. Each of these issues are deemed as important to the president and his speech to congress. Instead, the focus is on the president's history and his emotions.

It is important to make distinctions when undertaking a critical evaluation because assuming something is not a true critical thinker. News articles and reporters tend to do this a lot. In this article, Stirewalt does not make a clear distinction between the president and his ideas. He assumes president Obama will focus on gun control because in the past he has targeted his speeches toward people's emotions. Stirewalt is also judging the presidents wisdom and actions. There is no clear evidence that gun control will be the leading topic. The article is filled with interpretations with just a few facts. I detected a bias opinion throughout the entire article. This has led me to make critical evaluations about the issue and has forces one to become a better critical thinker.

Our nation is preparing for the State of the Union Address, given by the re-elected president Barrack Obama. There are many issues that the president intends to address, including global warming, immigration, tax reform, health care, and others. According to Chris Stirewalt with Fox News, "Gun control will crowd out other Obama policy points( Gun Control, 2013 para 8).

Some critics of Fox News have accused the network and its reporters of developing biased views on certain events. This seems to be the case in this article as well. Gun control is a very emotional important issue in America, but there are other issues equally important that the president may address. Stirewalt clearly focuses on what he believes the speech will be dominated by.

Stirewalt failed to consider other important issues the president may discuss in depth. Believing that gun control is the highest priority to discuss. This one topic is clearly a bias opinion. It is understandable that Stirewalt may think that the speech will put gun control in the fore front because of the recent school shootings and the urban shooting in Chicago, the president's hometown. There are still many issues the president may or needs to address in the speech. To assume that President Obama will focus most of his attention toward gun control is misleading and may help over shadow someone's thoughts on other important issues. According to the textbook the way an idea is stated can influence peoples overall reactions (Ruggerio, 2012).



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