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Checkpoint: Privacy Laws and Policies Debate

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Essay Preview: Checkpoint: Privacy Laws and Policies Debate

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During our weekly discussion it was apparent that many felt that they were entitled to privacy while on their jobs, but the truth of the matter is that employers must do everything possible to protect themselves and their employees in the workplace. This requires them to have perimeters in place for employees that have access to the internet. Without having boundaries in place when using the internet an employee could inadvertently go onto the wrong site and cause a virus to affect the company computers causing the network to crash. This and be costly and time consuming for a company to have to endure. I believe that we live in a society that believes with freedom comes privacy, and I too love my privacy. However, there are some instances that do not always ring true, and in the workplace is one of them. I understand that there must be limitations in the workplace when using an employer's email, internet, and even the phone especially when it pertains to the personal information of their customers. It is important for the employee to limit their personal business during work hours. The employer is paying the employee to do a job and the job does not include the handling of the employee's personal affairs. Another area of concern for employers is the type of emails that are being sent out by their employees. Sending out and offensive email can fall into the wrong hands and depending on the nature of the email cause problems in the workplace.

The Electronics Communications privacy act is legislation that is a benefit to both the employer and the employee. It is designed to protect the employer and there are items that are included that protect the employee too. As long as the employer owns their equipment, the legislation permits them to protect themselves in the case of privacy issues. Employers are permitted to observe their employee's email which in turn allows them to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination incidents.



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