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Classical Conditioning

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Essay Preview: Classical Conditioning

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Classical Conditioning

Classical conditioning helps us learn which environmental objects are conducive to survival and which are not, and it is through instrumental or operant conditioning that we learn how to acquire or avoid desirable and undesirable objects. Classical conditioning is something that everyone has in their lives however if they realize it or not is in question.

The example of classical conditioning that will be explained will be the feeling of tender emotions when I hear a song that was associated with my first love. Every time I hear the song "My first love", it brings so many memories about my first love. My emotions have a tendency to make me wept. I go back to thinking what if things were totally different? I remember how he was so caring, sweet and fun to hang out with. This song makes me cry every time. It seems as though I am always in my car by myself with the radio on when the song come on. I just fall to pieces emotionally. It just does something to me. When I finish this moment, I go back to being myself with my emotions back to normal. I have no idea why it happens over and over again.

Another one that I experience would be the feeling of anxiety when I hear the sounds at the dentist's office. These weird sounds normally get me all out of whack. I get very nervous and start thinking that it time for me to go, even when I have not seen the dentist yet. My hands start to get all sweaty and sticky. My legs begin to tremble and shake. I am a total wreck. Once I get into the room at the dentist office, I begin to settle down and relax. It happens each time I go to the dentist.

The components of hearing a particular song appears to be by design and accident that just happen according to my emotions. It happens over and over again without any intention on my part. The components of being in the dentist office, I would think happen the same way by design and accident with any effort put forward. The accident would be I find myself experiencing this over and again that I keep hearing the song and keep going to the dentist office. If I just stay away from the dentist and keep the radio off, I think I would be just fine.

The desired outcome was not achieved. The reason why is that my first love was no where around to make it a reality of my constant memories of him. It would be nice to hear this song when he is around. I do not think that would ever happen. He and I are both married now. The visit at the dentist office was achieved outcome. I got all my teeth pulled with a full set denture. The sounds paid off, even though I had emotional setback when going to the dentist office.

I strongly believe that my behavior changed in the desired manner as a result of the conditioning process since I had a naturally occurring stimulus that was paired with a response. The discussion of relevance of



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