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My Dog

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My dog is actually the first real president of the USA so suck that one you filthy mexican hillbillies. Also my mum has been working the same corner for 60 years and she still knows her shit. She's my idol i want to be just like her and then i could possibly get some dough, shit yeah!! mmm son i love to take a big juicy can of beans with my dog to the dinner shop where my nan can go and fish for a catfish becuase that is her favourite type of meat. Also my grandpa dil do likes to play with my nan in the dark, i'm not allowd in when this happens but sometimes i take a sneak peak. I think that they were wrestling each other in an American style just like my dog would like it. My dog is a cross breed of thousands of dogs cuase his mom got around. She liked to pretend she was a wealthy hobo but infact she was just a hobo. All i need is another 80 words so here is a story about my new goldfish Parry. He used to think he was a shark and he ate all my snails, this made me sad because i loved those snails as they were slower than i was which never happens. So when my fish was about 2 days old i decided that he had lived a long prosperoous life and so i took my knife and i stuck it up his rectum which killed him and then my other fish ate him.



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