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Clinical Psychiatrist

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students that have a passion for a certain type of career to become engorged with knowledge in that certain field it gives them the chance to take vigorous classes and talk to people doing the same stuff that they want to do. It gives them the keys to master such goals that they dream about such as being a Psychologist. Their dream of becoming a psychologist may come from their caring attitudes to help others and their amazing listening skills. East Carolina is a good College for making these dreams become true. East Carolina can fulfill not only a bachelor's degree in this field but also a graduate school as well. This paper will discuss the psychology program that is offered at East Carolina and also talk about the field of psychology and its career opportunities.

A degree in psychology has many career opportunities that a graduate could go into such as a social worker of a clinical psychiatrist. In order to be a clinical psychiatrist one must have a doctorate degree, which means a lot of school time and money though financial aid and scholarships could help. DR. Wuensch got his master degree at East Carolina University. After receiving his masters he decided to stick around and teach some psychology classes. After teaching at East Carolina for two years, the department insisted that he go on to get his Ph.D. Determined to study and do research in his area of greatest interest, the effects of early experience, he carefully selected the doctoral programs to which he applied. He went to the University of Miami to get his PH.D. He realized it was very vital to have a PH.D in the psychology filed due to the fact that without it one is limited to what they can do. One must also

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get licensed in the field they want to pursue which is hard and costly to pursue to meet most states' licensing requirements, "one must: meet all of your doctoral-degree requirements, which is automatic if your program is accredited by "Apa" which is the American Psychological Association. If your program isn't APA- or CPA-accredited, it and you must meet the National Register definition of a doctoral degree. Which is you have to pass EPPP test which stands for the Examination for Professional practice in psychology, also one must demonstrate that you've completed a specified number of hours of supervised professional experience, Pass your state's jurisprudence or ethics exam and must pass an oral exam if it's required in your state". ( "Clinical Psychology is a general practice and health service provider specialty in professional psychology. It assess, diagnose, predict, prevent, and treat psychopathology, mental disorders and other individual or group problems to improve behavior adjustment, adaptation, personal effectiveness and satisfaction. Services involve the application of psychological principles to the assessment and alleviation of human problems in individuals, families, groups, and communities.

Clinical psychologists focus on services to individuals of all ages and may work with a single individual or with groups or families from a variety of ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds who suffer from mental disorders. Populations include those with medical problems and physical disabilities, as well as healthy persons who seek to prevent disorder and improve their adaptation, adjustment, personal development and satisfaction".( In order to be a clinical psychologist you have to take an oath of ethics which is basically a code "that states that they should allow professional judgment on the part of psychologists, eliminate injustice or inequality that would occur without the modifier, ensure applicability across the broad range of

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activities conducted by psychologists, and guard against a set of rigid rules that might be quickly outdated. An ethics code prescribes that the practitioner answer to the external authority. Ethics is concerned with justifying controlling practices rather than describing them. The public has a right to expect psychologist to be accountable for their professional actions and deliver quality psychological services". (Woody.LaVoie,Epps)

East Carolina has made it rather easy to become a clinical psychiatrist. They not only have it to where you can have a bachelors in psychology they also have a graduate program as well and you can also get a doctorate degree here as well that way students don't have to go to a

different college for everything. "A registered psychologist can be registered only at a nonprofit community agency and must possess a doctoral degree which qualifies for psychology licensure and at least 1500 hours of qualifying supervised professional experience" ( "Not only do students have to be some knowledge in psychology but in Biology as well, which makes sense due to the fact that you have to study the brain and human behavior and disorders such as ADHA and ADD which fall under the category of biology" (Fine). They also have the Brody School of Medicine which has great internship opportunities which will also aid in the learning of biology. They have great psychiatric service such as Patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, substance abuse problems including mood disorders such depression and major disorders such as schizophrenia. They also treat childhood mental illnesses, including developmental disabilities, attention-deficit disorder and neurological conditions such as Tourette's syndrome. This would be an ideal place to intern at and get a lot of experience working in the psychological field.

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The job of a clinical psychologist can be rather stressful



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