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Cold Cases

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I find it obvious that life can be improved by changing up from a continued existence practice to a inventive practice of learning and working. A Senge's excerpt states "There's nothing more powerful you can do to encourage others in their quest for personal mastery than to be serious in your own quest" (Senge, 1990). I have to put an end to my short-range philosophy to a long-term philosophy to eliminate the impediment of preoccupancy of daily events that obstruct my development and success.

Senge's Model

Peter Senge's five disciplines model persuades inspection of all components life into the entirety of my life. Senge asserts that people are not ordained to reply to system changes, however system changes are dynamic compellers in the formation of peoples living episodes and occurrences. The five "disciplines are systems thinking, mental models, team learning, shared vision and personal mastery" (Smith, 2009).

Systems' Thinking

Systems' thinking occupies inspecting the Serge's further four parts for examples of weaknesses and strengths and composing suitable corrections. This assessment aspect, I lack, in that I fail to always execute because of the frantic tempo of the responsibilities I take on. "Individuals are promoted to progress further than survival supported learning and behaviors to original learning and manners" (12 Manage The Executive Fast Track, 2010). The allegory of the "boiling toad" makes sense and has successfully fashioned a image (Taggart, 2010). Consistent with the allegory, when a person sets a toad in steaming water, the toad instantly jumps up and out ofthe water, however when placing a toad in cold water, then heating water gradually, the toad falls asleep. This allegory makes me understand that I need to deter my hastened speed, slow down a bit, and place more concentration on the models inside and surrounding my life.

Mental Models

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