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"hot and Cold" Case

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Essay Preview: "hot and Cold" Case

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October 4th, 2012

To: Professor Karl Mitchell

From: Group 2: Jacky Lam, Wen Liu, Alicia Joseph, Stephen Cheung, and Neil Herpaul, Olivier Boigris

Subject: Proposal to Research the possibility of opening a Frozen Yogurt lounge called "Hot and Cold" adjacent to Tozt, as a healthy alternative for residents seeking a fun, creative and adventurous environment.


"Hot and Cold" is a business whose aim is to provide customers with an experience of endless creations and friendly service. By serving frozen yogurts and iced drinks during the cold weather and soups and baked goods during the warm weather this service will be as fun for children as college students to visit. This proposal provides information about our business's products and services, its competitors, and condensed research topics for the complete research report.

Business Overview

Americans, especially those with heritable illnesses, are becoming increasingly health conscious. At the same time, consuming healthy food can mean that we may have to forego the taste of delicious foods. Frozen yogurt has bridged the gap between "tasty" and "healthy." In addition, the frozen yogurt consumers will be able to enjoy the modern-day feel of our contemporary business. In other words, people will come for our "Hot and Cold" products, but stay because of the ambience.

From a financial standpoint, the frozen yogurt industry has grown by 16 percent since 2003, according to research, it has become a 12.1 billion business, and much of that has been from the sales of frozen yogurt. Over the past few years, Americans have become cognizant of the fact that frozen yogurt has a competitive edge over other types of desserts and snack restaurants such as Ice-Cream Parlors.

Apart from servicing our customers with free wifi, LCD television and great music there will also be a designated area for quiet study for those who may so desire. Energy drinks will be on sale while the adventurous few seeking downtime will be able to play games at a small cost. "Hot and Cold" will be the new central hangout spot for countless.

One of the greatest advantages our business will have over other local businesses is that our products and services are versatile and customizable. With the variety of flavors and toppings, there are limitless possibilities to what you can end up with. Be it Hot weather or cold weather, the customers decide what and how they are going to use the products and services of our "Hot and Cold" business.



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