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College Case

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being here at the uhd is a big step for me in college. i am the first of 5 other brothers and sister to go to college. my family is very proud of me and support me very well.not only do they support my mentally but also by my mother being my babysitter. she babysits my two young daughters while i go to my classes and also go to work. i think this is a good semester to start pursuing my career. i waited two years after i graduated to enroll in college for the fact that i had to arrange care for my daughters. my goal here at the uhd is to get my bachlolers degree and pursure my career in Criminal Justice. i want to become either a police officer or a Judge. uhd also helped me in a lot of ways, by the advisors helping me with my schedule. and not only picking whatever classes but taking the time to explain to me why i need this class and its part of my curriculum. they helped me so much and so did the proffessors. i am very proud of myself to enroll in college myself. i am understanding to be more responsible and more social. i know this journey will be a very nice one. in conclusion his semeser is a good time for me ti enroll in college and pursue my career. i know with the help from uhd faculty i will not only graduate but also leave with very much knowledge and power.



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