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College Case

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College is something I'm really looking forward to. I see many of my family members struggling financially. I see my community struggling to find jobs without a college education. Also, many people in school don't take the advantages and opportunities we have like getting full-time scholarships and help finding jobs. These advantages give me more opportunities because I have financial issues. I want to be the role model of others and help them realize that your community shapes the way you are, but it shouldn't limit your opportunities and you can achieve your goals in life no matter what.

In my world you hear gunshots, see death and witness the tears of the family members who lose their loved ones due to violence. In my world, people don't have homes and life has led them to drug abuse and alcoholism. Rather than falling into this cycle, I see these aspects in my community as inspirations to become someone in life. I want to become a doctor. This possession fits my personality because I enjoy helping people.

School is very important to me. It isn't the best environment to be around, but here is where you spend most of your time. There's a lot of drama, but by overcoming these obstacles you can overcome anything. Here you realize that many things get in your way. Relationships, friendships and even the fact of missing credits are all obstacles you learn to face. This helps you because life has many obstacles it's self. If you put all your effort into anything you can achieve it.

Lastly; my worlds has shaped my dreams and aspirations because struggles like these don't only happen to a certain ethnicity group, it can happen to everyone. The opportunity to go to college is something everyone is capable of doing. I'm looking forward to college. Many new opportunities will open in my future. This is an advantage I'm sure I'll use to the fullest, especially since I want to be a doctor.



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