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College Essay Example

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    As a child, I lived in a small tight-knit neighborhood that consisted of about 25 houses. We had all lived there from the very beginning, with my house being the 6th house built. We were all very close as well. I remember my neighbor that lived across the street would have cookie decorating parties for Christmas and pumpkin decorating parties for Halloween. My best friend Lizzie would have kids play dates at her house on Tuesdays and then we would move it to my house on Thursdays. Somebody would always have a BBQ every weekend and they would always plan cool fireworks shows for the Fourth of July. You could say that we were a very eventful neighborhood. As a child, to always be doing things and always have friends to hang out with was the life. I knew that if I wanted to ride my bike, there was another kid that would be there to do it with me. Now that I think back to those days, where scraped knees and bandaged arms were normal, I realize how much I appreciate the involvement. It allowed me to develop my outgoing personality because I was able to spend time with many kids my age. I was able to develop skills like working with others and being able to handle difficult situations. Most importantly, I learned the importance in family and having friends. Without them, life wouldn’t be as interesting or as fun. Your family and friends are the basis of living and well-lived, full life.



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