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College Essay "why Us?"

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Essay Preview: College Essay "why Us?"

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College Essay

"Why Us?"

In the "real world" there are a variety of professions available to everyone, but I am focused on one career that I can see myself in the future. Everyone has future plans and not every one is going to have the same career. As many people have careers of what they pursue, I have a goal that will suit me and make a good salary. My plan will not only get me a good pay salary but learn from my peers and associates as I get older and persevere. That occupation that I'm willing to focus on is to become an Emergency Medical Technician in the medical field. At University Of California San Diego, I can see my future as a fully trained Emergency Medical Technician and to save lives with honors and benefits.

My interest for this career sparked me an ability to save not only lives of the people, but learn from different aspects I've never been taught before. Many of the colleges in San Diego offer many Emergency Medical Technicians knowing that I can only choose one college I can apply to. University of California San Diego or UCSD is the college I want to get into and start my career. Just a few weeks ago, I've taken a tour of this school and walking around the campus made me really feel into the college environment. As I toured around this beautiful campus, I observed of the many different buildings and classrooms that made me picture me going to this school. UCSD offers many programs and hopefully this school will accept me to be an authorized Emergency medical Technician.

A couple of months ago, I attended a college fair field trip that offered many different colleges across California and along the U.S. Many of the different colleges and universities sparked an interest in me getting into a career. UCSD's panel gave me an interest to get into there EMT training program into the medical field and becoming an Emergency Medical Technician made me realize we need more people out there to save lives on the paramedic run. An Emergency Medical Technician is highly a great career for me, it is reserved in many trainings that I would use in real life, a hard working job that requires me to work more than just 8 hours a day in a usual job, and provides me to help those in need and knowing that saving an individuals life can reflect on my self to build upon his or her self being. I am a person that works as a team player and, hard working individual, and getting the job done is always my key goal everyday knowing that I will get rewarded for hard work.

I am acknowledging that a college that UCSD offers an EMT training course in the medical field in and out of the hospital is an interest in me. Knowing that UCSD Medical Center is a part of where I might be working at as an EMT or any hospital that will give me an opportunity. UCSD offers many great courses such as Bioengineering,



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