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Communication Is an Important Skill

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As the world enters the era of information, the appearance of internet, computers and telephones has greatly enhanced people's demand for communication in every aspect of the society. There is a universal yet partial awareness that a good communication skill is the most important element among all the personalities of a successful person. However, such argument cannot bear deeper analysis.

It is undeniable that communication skill has vital functions in people's success. For instance, in many business conferences, fluent and connective communication ability would always leave a good first impression on other people and help to establish a reliable relationship among business partners. Also, in political negotiations, possessing of a solid oral expression would give the government more lead in negotiation and prevent possible misunderstandings when discussing specific details. As is shown in all the examples above, good communication skill would bring great benefits for people when they are in an actual career thus giving them more chances to open the gate of success.

However, apart from connective ability, there exist more valuable and essential qualities in successful people. In the first place, people have to be persistent to the career they have chosen in order to achieve the peak of their lives. For instance, Madam Curie had already stayed in her humid laboratory with her husband for 10 years before she discovered the radial element and got nominated for Noble Prize. What's more, a creative mind is also unavoidable. If not with the great creativity, Steve Jobs would never be able to transfer magnificent idea in all those products like imac and iphone, which totally change the life styles of people, and he would never be the greatest CEO in the past ten years. Last but not least, a great sense of responsibility is the necessity especially for successful businessmen. Success can never be gained by oneself, and he need more helps from others. People must have the patience to overcome all the difficulties on the path to success and they must be responsible for their companies as well as their employees so that the whole team could stay together to win the final fight instead of breaking up.

All in all, no one can deny the importance of communication skills in one's success, while only accompanied with other vital personalities can one reach the bright peak of his life.



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