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Communicative Dynamics: Easy Company Key Members

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Essay Preview: Communicative Dynamics: Easy Company Key Members

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Communicative Dynamics: Easy Company Key Members

     CAPT Sobel, Easy company – Commanding Officer, is a hardcore individual who takes advantage of his Status Hierarchy position to maltreat his man. Sobel’s legitimate power goes uncontested and its given free reign by his regimental commanding officer to train his man hard and subsequently Easy company becomes the best in the regiment. Sobel uses his coercive power to punish his man almost every day for minor infractions such us dirty weapons, uniforms out of regulations and failing to obey direct orders. Sobel orders Lt. Winters, Easy company’s

Executive Officer, to make up infractions for further punishment.

     Sobel’s self-centered function of leadership of pushing his man overboard in comparison to the other companies fail miserably to accomplish his own selfish goals. Sobel attempted to impress upon his boss as being the best but resulted in actually showing how incompetent Sobel was.  This was apparent when the company’s NCOs, performing maintenance functions led by Sgt Lipton, came together to in an attempt to get rid of Sobel because his ineffectiveness in the field. The NCOs stood in solidarity in front of the regimental CO because they believe Sobel to be an incompetent leader who would leader to their death in combat.  Lt. Winters possess legitimate power, expert power, and behavioral functions. His ability to lead his man well earns him respect among the them. He stands up for his man to the point of challenging and undermining CAPT Sobel’s authority by accepting court martial. The man of Easy company would rather serve under Lt. Winters, which led to their unification to oust CAPT Sobel out of Easy company. Lt. Winters encourages his man to work together, to accomplish the mission but doesn’t maltreat them.



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