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A Key Way to Communicate

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Essay Preview: A Key Way to Communicate

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Over the past decade or so texting has become a key way to communicate. Especially amongst the younger generation ages 13-27. It has proved itself to be a quick and easy way to communicate. Although texting is faster is also has its drawback to make anyone look twice about this way of communication that is taking over the way we socialize amongst each other. Texting is known to disperse the use of proper English, can be very distracting, and cause bullying.

When texting was first introduced to the society it was typically only used for a fast way to communicate. Such letting your mother know you were going over a friends to do homework, "Hey mom going to Jessica's to do homework." Or telling a friend that you are in a meeting and will get back to them as soon as you can, "Hey in a meeting, call you when I'm done." There is no doubt about it that texting has made some great contributions when trying to relay a simple message in a short amount of time.

Texting has proved itself to be a great way to communicate in a short amount of time. It has also been one of the main cause of improper English. Typically during text message we use abbreviated and or slang phrases just to save time. Instead of saying "Hello, where are you?" texting has been known to use that same phrase as "Hey, were r u". When texting we as humans forget all that we have learned in grammar class, and use what is the most convenient way to get our point across in a short amount of time.

Although texting can be great when we are only trying to briefly inform someone of something, it can be just as harmful as it is helpful. Texting has been known to be very distracting, which in most cases wouldn't matter if you were sitting in a stable environment just doing homework. For those instances when you are in the car driving to work or school texting is not the way to go. On average a text message can take your eyes off the road for about five seconds, which at fifty-five miles per hour is enough time to travel the size of a football field. Texting while driving is one of the main causes for accidents now.

Even though texting can be very distractive, this is not the only reason why texting is extremely harmful. Texting also leads to sexting and bullying. Sexting, the act of sending provocative pictures or text messages to someone else, in most cases are the main cause of bullying. Especially when sexting occurs in the high schools. A boy will ask his girlfriend a provocative picture ensuring that he will not share with anyone, and she sends the picture trusting that he won't share it. Little does she know that he has sent it to all of his friends and now a picture of her naked body has been spread around the school, and this girl is now the victim of bullying. She is tormented day in and day out being called names such as "slut, whore, and tramp" all because she trusted a guy whose only



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