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Communication Is the Key to a Good Relationship

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Essay Preview: Communication Is the Key to a Good Relationship

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Communication is the key to a good relationship

Communication within any relationship can be broken down in two parts. The first stage of communication is to understand and then you have to follow it up with listening. One of the main causes of broken relationships is communication. People struggle in relationships daily because of the lack of communication, and it can become very straining on many relationships. The dictionary defines communication as two people reaching a mutual understanding in any situation. This is very true when you think about it, agreeing to disagree can solve a lot of problems that people have in life daily.

Now that we have established the meaning of communication and the different parts of communication I would like to talk about communication within a marriage. Being married is hard enough on any relationship. Personally, being married now, I am able to see the differences from dating to being married; it has somehow put a lot of stress on the communication within my relationship. I am not sure what has happened that has made it hard to communicate since the title of husband and wife.

A lot of times we may look at a situation and think to ourselves, how can I go about talking about something that is truly bothering me without the other person feeling bad. Just being able to get a point across can be a challenge. While dating a person, you do everything to make sure that person knows that you love them and you truly care for them and you would do anything for them. Then, when you get married you try to do the same, but you fail at it because you think the title behind it, I guess can say or do anything and the person should be able to see and understand. No two people are alike and I think that it is human nature for us to want the person in our lives to be like us, but we have to try to understand that we have to allow the other person to be their own self.

This is where the miscommunication can come in within a marriage with a man and a woman. For example, my husband and I grew up in two different lifestyles, he was a military brat and I was the girl to always be home to take care of my younger siblings. Well, when we first got engaged and lived with my parents he could not understand why I took the role of being the caretaker for my younger sister. This situation was bad to him, but for me it was something that I was used to. It got to a point where he would get so angry to the point he would not speak to me. One day, after finally deciding to communicate with me he sat me down to explain how he was feeling. Initially, I could have taken it to be offensive but I chose to listen to him. After allowing him to explain we where were able to understand each other better.

People communication in different ways, majority of the time communicating off of emotion,




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