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What Are the Key Communication Issues for Odwalla?

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Essay Preview: What Are the Key Communication Issues for Odwalla?

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What are the key communication issues for Odwalla?

The key communication issues for Odwalla were internal and external communications. For internal communication the CEO Stephen Williamson had companywide conference calls on a daily basis giving the employees the latest information and the opportunity to ask questions. For external communication the company spoke to the press and appeared on TV within 24 hours following the E-Coli outbreak. Every attempt was made to provide up to the minute information.

How can communication strategy focus on retaining customer confidence?

Odwalla had to come up with a plan to ensure the contamination was resolved. The company's approach has been founded on fresh unpasteurized juice has the best flavor. The company decided this was the wrong approach to take. They quickly introduced a process called Flash Pasteurization. This process would guarantee that E-Coli had been destroyed while leaving the best flavored juice possible.

Does Odwalla appear to have an effective crisis management system in place?

Prior to this crisis Odwalla did not have a crisis management system in place. Stephen Williamson the CEO followed the company's vision statement and core values of honesty, integrity and sustainability. The company's main concern was for the safety and well-being of people who drink their juices.

How should a company such as Odwalla go about developing guidelines before a crisis?

A company such as Odwalla should put in place a plan that includes the following before a crisis takes place. The plan should include defining the risk, implement actions to mitigate the risk, identify the cause of the risk, demonstrate responsible management actions and create a consistent message.

Does a company such as Odwalla have a responsibility to change its production process?

A company such as Odwalla does have a responsibility to change its production process to ensure an E-Coli outbreak won't happen again. As a result of this crisis Odwalla took an extra step and developed a comprehensive quality control and safety system as a part of the changes to their production process.

If the things Odwalla is saying about itself in its advertising and its core values are really true, what should they do? What's the next step?

The things Odwalla said about themselves do appear to be true. During the crisis Odwalla did not avoid responsibility; in fact Odwalla took full responsibility for the contamination and took the necessary steps to correct it, such as changing their production process. Odwalla's next move was to secure the company's reputation with its employees and customers.




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