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Community Profile

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Community Profile

Bristol, Pennsylvania is a community of over 9,000 people; the population has decreased since 1980. It was established in 1681, it is 30 minutes north of center city Philadelphia. Most people worked in the shipyard, the surrounding factories, city of Philadelphia, and state of New Jersey. The people of the community are 73.8% white, 4,004 households, 2,442, families, 39.7% married couples, 28% have children under 18 living at home, with average household size 2.48, and average family size being 3.20. The summer has many concerts and festivals that are held Bristol Lions Park, Bristol Wharf and in the Historic Mill Street Shopping District by the Delaware River. Some heritage days are held annually the Celtic Day, African-American Day, Puerto Rican Day, and Italian Day. Town Hall meetings are held to talk to the town folks and also the local government meetings.

Some community responsibilities are recycling trash, fines are given out if the people do not recycle. Keeping an individual's yard clean, grass cut, house in according to the local ordinances, and obeying the local laws. The city has taxes the people are to pay; the taxes are used to fix the roads, pay law enforcements, schools, and help keep the community looking great and safe. The community has town meetings to talk about new ordinances, new laws, and new subjects or projects. These town meetings allow for individuals to give their opinions to the city. Individuals have the responsibility of obeying the ordinances that the community puts in place. The individuals have a chance to vote to keep ordinances or change them. The community gives the individuals chances to speak their mind and tell the local government what they want in their community. Obeying the laws and ordinances that have been passed for a community is a part of being socially responsible. Committees are created so individuals can volunteer to help schools, functions, clean the roads, parades, and festivals.



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