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Compare and Contrast Community Service Essay

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Essay Preview: Compare and Contrast Community Service Essay

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High school students should be required to do community service. There is a great variety of options of community service. Volunteerism can be a controversial subject because people say it is slavery or not a good experience. However, the benefits: making a difference, helping others while developing team work capabilities, and a better diploma completion rate, are wonderful qualities of community service. Making a difference helps high school students learn more about the environment.

Picking up trash from the beach is making a difference. Planting more trees helps the environment because of how many they cut down. Picking up trash from the ocean helps so the ocean does not become toxic. In my opinion environment volunteering is a huge need in this world.

Another community service is helping others through the various agencies. Helping others is one of the greatest community service to me because you're helping other people. Helping others is a very, very kind outreach of community service. And, one should also always help others even if an agency isn't compelling him to.

Outreach through community service develops teamwork. Teamwork will help in the future employers need their employees to have team work skills. Another plus is teamwork will help with making new friends.

Also doing community service helps with a better high school and college diploma completion rate. Students are accepted into man more colleges and are also likely to receive better scholarships if they have enriched their in school experiences with extra community healthy volunteering. Your diploma rate will be better.

Community service is great for high school students four year studies. It will help who they will become as they get older. I have done community service in my community like helping at a library, Special Olympics, helping at the thrift store, and many more and I feel GREAT about it. It is so much fun helping people in the community.



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